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Bayou Bacchanal 2023 Parade Registration is Open!

Updated: Aug 20

Want to fete in the Bayou Bacchanal parade with us? All participants in Bayou Bacchanal parade can join us solo, with your own mas band or join one of our masquerading groups on the road which will be:

Mas n' Motion-Houston, Texas

Peoplez Choice-Houston, Texas

Cost: $50

Payment link here

Parade Application Click here

Please fill out with payment and email to

Included in parading with Bayou Bacchanal will be 1-3 live DJ's and drinks provided on the road. Costumes willl NOT be provided by Bayou Bacchanal. You can wear your own costume of choice or register to parade with one of our vendors, Mas N' Motion or Peoplez Choice. If you register with one of these groups all parade registration fees will be paid through chosen vendor.

For all participants that will register with your own music or truck please email us here with your group name and truck information. Every person participating in your group will have to pay registration fee.

All registration fees must be accompanied with the Masquerader letter, filled out and signed.

Parade route:

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