Smart Caribbean Gathering: A Futures BrainTrust

The Institute of Caribbean Studies (ICS), the nation's leading Caribbean American advocacy and development organization, adopts the principles of "Our Shared history, Our Shared Future" as the charge for Caribbean American Leaders across the country working feverishly to produce events for the 15th Annual Caribbean American Heritage Month celebrations this June - all virtual.   SMART CARIBBEAN GATHERING A Futures BrainTrust Select Dates: June 5-8     -   Ignite SMART Caribbean Gathering  June 11-13  -  Creative SMART Caribbean Gathering  June 16 -18 -  Healthful SMART Caribbean Gathering  June 22- 27 -  Invest SMART Caribbean Legislative Week    June 26-28  -   Design SMART Caribbean Hackathon For a complete calendar please visit our website.      About the ICS: The Institute of Caribbean Studies (ICS), founded in 1993, is the architect and campaign chair for commemoration of June as National Caribbean American Heritage Month, established by President George Bush in 2006.  ICS is a non-partisan, non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization founded by Dr. Claire A. Nelson, White House Champion of Change.  The premiere Caribbean-American Think/Do Tank, ICS seeks to address development challenges facing Caribbean peoples, and to adopt a thorough, systematic and coordinated long-term perspective towards their resolution.  To learn more about Caribbean American Heritage Month and the Institute of Caribbean Studies,  please visit our site at



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