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Mission and Impact

Our Mission

CC/FOC is the premier Caribbean organization in Louisiana. We provide a cultural link between the Greater New Orleans region and the island nations of the Caribbean. Through this link, we share the rich and festive traditions, customs, and diversity of the Caribbean with visitors and locals through the hosting of Bayou Bacchanal and Curry With A Flavor festival. Additionally, we use our political connections to assist Caribbean nationals who reside in Louisiana with official paperwork and embassy affairs. 

Our Mission

"Our Children are the future" - Marilyn C. Laforce

Our Vision

Our organization intends to create a Caribbean cultural powerhouse in New Orleans. We are the producers and promoters of Bayou Bacchanal, the “Original” Caribbean Carnival of New Orleans now in its nineteenth year. In February 2020, we registered as a DBA, giving us the tools needed to produce the first annual “Curry With A Flavor Festival”. 

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